Thursday, 19 September 2013

New Videos

Last Friday, Catherine (who runs Beloved Treasures) came over to meet the new cat and go over some of the new ideas she had for marketing and updates to our websites (and polish off a couple of wines.)

One of the things I hadn't seen before is a site called Animoto, where you can create videos from your own pictures, videos and music. In a few minutes she had mocked up a simple but visually pleasing video from a few of my photos and using the themes and music at Animoto. I was pretty impressed.

Tonight I had a spare couple of hours and made two new videos of my own. Most of the time was taken up in polishing the photos I wanted to use in Corel Photo Paint, removing dust, colour correcting etc. As the videos are web quality, I didn't have to be overly fussy. There are quite a few themes to choose from and plenty of available music tracks. It's easy to waste time checking them all out, so I used the first ones I liked the look of without trying them all.

The first video is a range of two and tri-tone gold chains with about 15 different images. Adding and ordering the photos took a couple of minutes and creating the video and uploading it to YouTube took another 2 or 3. It's not going to win an Emmy, but it is much more interesting than a page of photos in columns.


It was easy to link these videos from YouTube to my Facebook page and embed them on my website. For $30 a year I think the ability to quickly create videos is great value.

The downside is, I have so many charm photos to add, its going to take some time.

Cheers All


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