Thursday, 12 September 2013

Promotions and Advertising

As a small business, it is always hard to know where to invest time and effort into marketing and advertising. Businesses will promise the earth in terms of the service and outreach they will provide, but no-one will give a measurable promise in terms of the ROI. The best they will usually offer is a vague assurance that it would be a good decision to use their services.

We are constantly harassed by emails promising to get us onto the first page of Google or post thousands of likes on Facebook. Generally using these services will create issues with Google SERPs and result in a fall in rankings rather than a rise.

In light of these problems and not wanting to throw money away for little or negative results I have decided to make the most of word of mouth referrals. The best way to achieve results in this area is simply to provide a better level of service to existing and new customers.

Asking for feedback and product reviews for the goods our customers have bought costs nothing other than time, and by providing quality products and great service, many people are willing to offer a positive review. Again, simply put, looking after your customers is not only the right thing to do, but can generate more sales because they like to deal with you.

When delivering the items they have purchased, include some promotional materials for them to share with friends and family. A flyer or a business card makes it easy for your happy customers to share your store with others. Make sure it contains your contact details!

Think outside the square and make your promotional materials memorable as well as informative.

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