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Baby Charms

Charm jewellery has been a very popular item to wear ever since the Victorian times in England. In this period they became standard fashion items with women who saw them as trendy items of jewellery they could wear to enhance their look. Some women also preferred to wear them as a way of seeking protection spiritually.

It wasn’t until the 1940’s that the fashion of charm bracelets become popular within the United States. This was mainly due to American soldiers visiting various cities around the world, during war time, who collected charms made from gold and silver.

In more modern times, charm bracelets and jewellery are more often being purchased as keepsakes. People will buy charms when on a vacation or a trip as a souvenir or as a reminder of great times they have shared with family and friends.

The variety of charms available these days is quite staggering and you will be hard pressed not to find one for almost any occasion. Also, with so many charms being theme based, they have become immensely popular gift items to give to family, friends and loved ones on special days.

Some of the most popular themes include:-

  • Birthday gem stones

  • Kid’s favourite sports teams

  • Music related including favourite instruments, band symbols and musical notes

  • Pets names or favourite breeds

  • Animals such as lions for strength or cheetahs for speed

  • Most loved or memorable cities

  • Vacation souvenirs

  • Astrology and birth signs

  • Character charms that best describes one’s character

  • Education related charms

  • Food and drink related charms such as a jug charm or even a banana charm

  • Holiday Celebrations

  • Good luck charms are probably the most popular and well know of all charms and include items such as wishbones, horse shoes, shamrocks, lucky dice and three leaf clovers

  • Love charms such as hearts, roses and best friend pendants

  • Initials and letters

  • Peoples names

  • Plants, nature and the outdoors

  • Arts, crafts and theatre

  • Dance charms including ballet related items

  • Religious charms like crosses, Buddha’s and St. Christopher’s pendants

…. and that’s just to name a few!

Baby Charms and Themes

One type of charm that is missing from the list above but has grown in popularity and importance of recent years is baby charms.

Whenever a new born baby arrives into any family it is always a joyful occasion. And in these modern times it is often the case that immediately before and after the event, the thoughts of loved ones, family and friends turn to buying gifts for the parents and the new baby.

Throwing a baby shower for the expectant mother has become more and more popular over the last decade or so and one of the main reason for holding the event is to give gifts meant for the baby.

Most people turn to traditional gifts such as clothing items, baby equipment like feeding bottles and prams or even toys of all descriptions. However, not many folks think of buying charms that are specifically designed for babies.

Charms and trinkets have been popular items to give loved ones and friends as gifts for many years. However until recently baby charms have not been considered as something to give as a gift at someone’s baby shower. But the fact is they are becoming more and more popular as they are now widely seen as memorable, stylish and unique items that can show affection and love in ways that aren’t easily done so with other types of gifts.

Huge variety

Having taken the decision to buy a new born baby a charm, or set of charms, choosing what type or style to buy is the next step.

There are so many varieties and choices available that there is no way you will not be able to find the perfect one. Also bear in mind that many retailers and suppliers are able to make custom charms as one offs if you have something very specific in mind.

Whether you are buying a charm for a baby shower, newly born or birthday, here is a list of the types of charms that you can buy for a baby to help give you some inspiration:-

  • Dummy charms that come in the shape of different types of dummies

  • Teddy bear charms

  • Tiny baby feet shaped charms

  • The year of the baby’s birth

  • Flying stork carrying a baby

  • Baby rattles of all types

  • Children’s characters such as the ginger bread man, puss in boots or even mickey mouse

  • Fairytale items such as a pot of gold, toad stool or three blind mice

  • Toy related charms like a rocking horse, steam train or an ABC dice

  • Disney characters such as Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Pluto or Donald Duck

With so many choices and ideas available, the options are endless. You’re only limited by your imagination and as mentioned earlier there are many suppliers who can offer a bespoke service to create a custom piece for you so you can be sure you get exactly what you require.

Charms are everlasting

Another great thing about choosing to buy charms for a new born baby is that the concept of charms and the way they are interchangeable, exchangeable and expandable, allows one to create an everlasting and versatile present. Let me explain.

Charms are meant to be either hung or threaded onto a charm bracelet. This bracelet can be in the form of a necklace for the neck, a normal bracelet for the wrist or an anklet to place on the ankle.

As time goes by you can keep buying charms that depict different stages of the baby’s life and add them to the bracelet making it unique over time.

Initially, most newborn babies will be too small to wear these items so what most parents tend to do is improvise. For example they may wrap the charm bracelet around the handle of the baby’s pram or they might hang it from the child’s hanging toy overlooking its crib. This way it still serves a purpose.

Then when the baby is able to wear the charm bracelet that’s when people start buying more charms which can easily be added to the bracelet.

You can buy charms in all the popular jewellery materials such as gold and silver. We offer a bespoke service so not only can you get the exact charm item for your baby that you have in mind but we can also make it in a variety of finishes to.

Baby Charms

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