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Charms of a Birthday

It’s time to celebrate! Birthdays are a special time of year that mark the start of a New Year and fresh perspective in a person’s life. Most people live their lives by their number of years, so it’s always important to remind them just how much those years mean to those around them.

Birthday charms are a popular gift. They show the recipient the thought and care that went into finding the perfect fit. Birthday charms can be made to represent birth months and zodiac signs.

They can be inscribed with birth dates and a special message. They can be used to mark important milestones in a person’s life to remind them just how far they’ve come, and that there is so much more to be had.

By giving meaningful and thoughtful gifts like personalized birthday charms, it adds an air of sentiment that will help to embrace love and friendships for years to come.

Different Types of Birthday Charms

People have different styles and tastes, so not all charms are created equal. That’s why when you start shopping for that perfect charm for a loved one or someone special in your life, you can easily become overrun by amount of choice and options that will face you.

Not only do they come in a huge variety of designs and colours, they very often have a specific meaning too. It’s important for you to understand what some of the basic meanings are so that you can choose charms that perfectly depict the sentiment you are trying to convey to someone.

Take a look below into what the different types of charms mean, and how you can make sure to get the right one for your loved one.

Birthday Stones

Birthstones originated as gem stones that were assigned to a month out of the year, and signifies different benefits and beliefs.

In the modern era, people came to identify themselves by the month that they were born in and the gem stone that is associated with it. Therefore, gem stones became a symbol of birthdays and celebrations. But what are the meanings behind them?

  • January – Garnet

    Represents faith, love and consistency. Believed to provide directional guidance.

  • February – Amethyst

    Signifies peace, temperance and serenity. Believed to strengthen relationships.

  • March – Aquamarine

    Promotes good health. Said to cure physical ailments.

  • April – Diamond

    Symbolizes ever-lasting love, invincibility, and courage. Said to help wearers conquer hardships. 

  • May – Emerald

    Wisdom, growth and patients. Well associated with new beginnings. 

  • June – Pearl

    Purity, personal integrity and personal growth.

  • July – Ruby

    Provides strength and nobility. Brings wearers good luck and good friends.

  • August – Peridot

    Beauty, strength and mortality.

  • September – Sapphire

    Shields the wearers from evils that seek to possess body and mind. Signifies a person’s strength to withstand dark times.

  • October – Opal

    Brings about faithfulness and confidence.

  • November – Citrine

    Provides strength for body and mind. Said to help clear the mind.

  • December – Blue Topaz

    Good fortune and full life. A symbol of peace and relaxation.

Astrological Signs

Like birthstones, each sign is associated with a different time period throughout the year. Inspired by the stars and ancient stories, they represent the foreseeable future. They can also help to guide you through difficult times and are the basis of horoscopes.

  • Aries, March 21- April 20

  • Taurus, April 21- May21

  • Gemini, May 22 – June 21

  • Cancer, June 22- July 23

  • Leo, July 24-Aug. 23

  • Virgo, Aug. 24- Sept. 23

  • Libra, Sept. 24- Oct. 23

  • Scorpio, Oct. 23- Nov. 22

  • Sagittarius, Nov. 23- Dec. 22

  • Capricorn, Dec. 23- Jan. 20

  • Aquarius, Jan. 21- Feb. 19

  • Pisces, Feb. 20- March 20

Other Great Options

For those who aren’t quite into astrological signs and gemstones, there are plenty of other great options to choose from. Here are just a few examples of what can be accomplished with the right set of charms:-

  • Fashion earrings depicting the recipients age

  • Create a necklace with a cake charm with their age stamped into it

  • Make a charm bracelet with all of their favourite things

  • A simple charm with the wearer’s date of birth on one side and Happy Birthday on the other. Simple but effective!

  • A charm locket with their picture, or a picture of their loved ones

  • Integrate their favourite coloured beads for a unique look

  • Use milestone gemstones, e.g:-

    o Sweet 16, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th and so on

  • Create a timeline on a necklace that shows their biggest adventures

  • Use charms that represents their family and friends

  • Combine a lucky charm with their birthday stone, symbol or date

The options available are endless really and only limited by your imagination!

For further customisation, charms can also be integrated into rings and key chains. This provides more variety and sense of style to those who aren’t fond of traditional jewellery.

Clasps can be added to make the charm removable and interchangeable. There are countless other combinations for you to choose from. The best advice anyone could ever be giving is to make sure that it fits the recipients’ unique personality.

Charms are an easy and cute way to keep the most important aspects of a persons’ life with them where ever they go. They serve as small but essential reminders of whatever the wearer wishes to represent.

From best friends and important family members to important events, milestones and achievements there are almost countless ways to commemorate memories to be carried with them for years to come.

Personalize with a special message and colours for an added pop of style and personalization. Each creation of charm jewellery is unique in nature, just like the individual person who receives them.

Choose from silver, gold, white gold, yellow gold, or tarnish-free silver. Then choose a chain for bracelets and necklaces, or earring hooks and backs. There are different types of links and hooks to pick from.

No matter where you live in Australia, you can order from our web site 24/7. Thousands of options await for you online. Our dedicated team of crafters hand make each charm in order to bring out their natural beauty and shine. Contact us today to get started on your latest charm adventure!

Charms of a Birthday

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