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Solid Gold Chains

9ct Round Curb Chain (HM-CUR-0005)-335

The history of gold is a long one, and jewellery-lovers have existed since the early days of B.C. It’s easy to see why the human race is so fascinated with gold. The glitz and glamour one feels when looping a delicate gold chain about their neck is enough to make you forget you’re not a movie star or posh celebrity. Add a couple diamonds, and suddenly you’re royalty. Whatever your particular taste or style, it’s important to know the different options you have for gold chains. Here are the basic types and variations.

Curb Chains

 The original curb chain was intended to be used for horses in their bridles. The links of a curb chain are flat and interlocking. When these types of chains were first made, the machinery used to produce them wasn’t advanced enough to make smaller curb chains, so the heavier, older style was intended for men. Eventually, as machines were fine-tuned to include smaller jewellery sets, styles for women emerged. There are different variations of curb chains, including Round, Long, Bevelled and Roller, which combines curb and belcher chain styles to create a unique design.

Diamond Cut Chains

A diamond cut chain isn’t necessarily any particular type of chain, but a process where the chain is cut using diamond precision tools so that it better catches the light, sending sparkling reflections off of it that resemble the glitter of diamonds. This cut, which is also called “diamond milling,” can be applied to any type of chain, so long as the surface area is adequate for the embellishments.

Figaro Chains

It’s not often that you find a chain named after an Italian opera, but The Marriage of Figaro sung its way into our jewellery stores in the form of an exquisite alternating link chain. Two types of Figaro chains that we sell are the 11 and 13. The 11 has an alternation of one short link and one long link, while the 13 has an alternation of three short links and one long link. Figaro chains can be worn by either men or women, but they are most popular with men in Italy where they originated and are often worn with cross or medallion pendants.

Belcher Chains

 The belcher chain has interlocking links that are the same size, but they alternate with every other link turned 180 degrees. The links are typically wider than they are thick, making this style more suitable to men. This chain type was invented in the very early years of the 19th century after English boxing champion Jim Belcher, who was England’s boxing champion from 1800 to 1805. Links can come in either round or oval shape, with round being the most popular.

Box Chains

 This chain uses square or rectangular links to give it its “boxy” appearance. Like the belcher chain, the links alternate with every other being turned 180 degrees. The box chain is made from rounded links that are flatted into square shapes and is also known as the book chain, briolette chain, square link chain or Venetian chain. When paired with a pendant, it makes an ideal jewellery piece for women, though men can certainly wear thicker styles.

Fancy Chains

 This encompasses any type of chain that is complex in style, design or shape. It is typically used as a decorative chain without the need for pendants, and it works well as a stand alone piece. Fancy chains are very feminine and can have a wide variety of link shapes used, such as hearts, Celtic knots or stars. Link chains, otherwise known as cable chains, are the most common type seen in jewellery and can be used with fancy interlocking links, as seen in our fancy link chains gallery. Both simple and fancy link chains use a uniform size for every link with each turned 90 degrees from the other.

Charm Bracelet Chains

You’d be hard pressed for a wrong answer when it comes to guessing this chain’s use. Charm bracelets do indeed have their own special chain, designed specifically for attaching charms to them. Because there needs to be enough room for the charm to latch on to, four link types are most suitable to charm bracelets: belcher, long curb, figaro and cable. Each link is of an open, solid design; this allows the charm to hang securely without dragging along the wrist or pulling the links apart with the charms’ weight.

There are hundreds of variations on chain types, but these are the base types you will find on our site. We offer a fine selection of gold chains, from thinner, more delicate lengths to thick, masculine ones.  Visit each section to pick out the right one for you, your spouse or your friend.






Solid Gold Chains

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