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Thin Gold Chains

thin-gold-chainWhen asked to imagine the perfect necklace or bracelet, delicate gold or silver chains come immediately to mind. Carefully crafted and exquisitely designed, thin gold chains have a strongly feminine imagery. The Oscar runways have been overwhelmed with beautifully dressed women draped with fine jewellery, all of which are intricately detailed. Why do women choose this type of jewellery chain over others?

A look at the history of gold chains reveals the evolution of the design. Gold chains are generally made from a choice of three different gold metals: rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Yellow gold is by far the most common, but both white gold and rose gold are on the rise. Gold’s quality is measured in “carats,” a unit of measurement that labels the level of purity in the gold. For example, 24 carat gold is the purest available, while 18 carat is 75% pure, and so on down. Most jewellery will have a purity less than 24 carat gold, as 100% pure gold is very soft and needs to be mixed with other metals to maintain its shape.

Although the thin gold chain drifted off the fashion radar screen to make way for thicker gold chains, the 70s brought this style back, sans the layering Chanel promoted and with a slightly chunkier design.

This particular type of chain works well with pendants to create a classy, feminine look. Whether used in a graceful bracelet or slim necklace, it radiates with beauty and charm. The chain styles most used for thin gold chains are the figaro, long curb and cable, though you could most certainly use styles like belcher or box chains.

Figaro, long curb and cable are more fragile-looking than their belcher cousins, but they’re equally strong, whereas box chains are significantly more delicate. These styles tend to go well with very light pendants or as a simple chain necklace or bracelet. The figaro, in particular, has a design that doesn’t really need anything added to it, but it’s fun to accentuate the chain with an eye-catching pendant. Otherwise, you can wear a simple thin gold chain with your favourite little black dress to add just a touch of extra colour and contrast. Layering several thin gold chains together also creates a dazzling effect, such as the one Chanel created with its collection of gilt chains.

A handsome charm bracelet or gold band is an excellent addition to an already stunning wardrobe choice. We have a fine selection of those as well. In order to qualify as thin gold chains, each has a width of anywhere from 1 to 3.9 mm. In our personal collection, we sell them starting at 9 carats.

Some of the world’s most notable women have found satisfaction in the simple beauty of a thin gold chain. The allure of gold and the graceful balance it adds to one’s wardrobe has men and women alike adding more of it to their collection. For many, it is an understated jewellery essential that will stand the test of time.





Thin Gold Chains

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