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Movable Charms

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Looking back at all the jewellery you’ve owned, one quintessential piece was the locket. When you first got it, you would open and close it, listening for the oddly satisfying snap of the clasp. Now that you’re older, you still find a sense of nostalgia thinking about it. It was one of your favourite pieces; you try to remember the reason you gave it up in the first place. Maybe you outgrew it, or felt like you did? Either way, you can rest easy in the fond memories of your younger years with a charm from our collection of movable charms.

Movable charms are just like all the other charms, but they have one or more moving pieces on them. For example, your locket wasn’t one solid piece; it also opened and closed. The same goes for movable charms. It adds a sense of fun to your jewellery collection to have a moving, grooving skeleton charm or a lovely spinning ballerina dangling from your wrist. They make great gifts for any age. Your children will find joy playing with the movable parts of their charm, or your significant other will be pleasantly surprised by the charm’s mobility.

Much like lockets, movable charms can often store items inside them. Granted, you can’t store anything very big – in fact, whatever you put inside the charms must be very tiny – but it’s still a unique feature that sets movable charms apart from their companions. Some movable charms can house small portraits while others can hold things like crystals or pearls to give an extra glimmer. One thing is for certain: movable charms add a touch of something magical to any charm bracelet. Our selection of movable charms is ever-growing; here are a few pieces we found especially lovely.

  • Piano with Filigree Lid There’s something about filigree designs that makes them particularly beautiful. This piano charm conjures up the sweet sound of tinkling keys and flowing melodies. It’s perfect for the pianist in your life, or you can show a special appreciation for those people you know that love a good piano tune.

  • Windmill The legendary figures in the tale of Don Quixote aren’t quite so menacing when they’re represented by this adorable windmill charm. These gentle giants bring a sense of peace when you watch the slow-turning sails spin round and round, and that’s exactly what this charm does. With the flick of a finger, this miniature windmill spins its golden sails in an impressive display of ingenuity.

  • Merry-Go-Round – Also known as a carousel, this spinning carnival ride is a childhood staple where many a young one spent hours of fun riding the painted horses. Although the carousel has many different names in a variety of cultures (e.g. “roundabout,” “jumper,” and “flying horses”), the entertainment value of this cultural classic will have you remembering the fair rides you thought you had long forgotten.

  • Book – Could this be a classic novel from Hemingway? Or perhaps it’s Tolstoy’s War and Peace? No, but it is an ode to classic literature that will please any bookworm you give this charm to. The inside, which opens up with a clasp, is just big enough to put a tiny scrap of parchment paper in with a fragment of miniature text. It’s doubtful you’ll be able to read it without a magnifying glass, but it’s the thought that counts!

  • Jonah and the Whale – The well-known biblical tale tells of a man named Jonah that tried to hide from God by stowing away on a ship and promptly being eaten by a whale. Now you can capture the epic story in sparkling gold or silver with this movable charm. The whale opens up to reveal the humbled Jonah in its belly and swallows him up again when you close it.

These are just a few of the movable charms we offer. Our wide selection makes sure that you get exactly the charm you’re looking for to give to that special person in your life, or you can treat yourself to a charm bracelet addition of your own.

Movable Charms

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