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Music Charms

2 Guitar Charm (chtr-cgc11339)-335Music has been a part of human culture through all ages. It allows us to show who we are, what we believe in, and evokes many emotions. Over the years music has continued to evolve yet even the oldest instruments have remained to some degree. For those who listen to music, they may enjoy the relaxing and soothing effects of a slow beat or the rush of adrenaline from heavy metal or dance. Music is full of emotion and it is one of the oldest ways of communicating feeling.

Both those who play and listen to music can show off their love for their individual style of music. It makes perfect sense then that one would choose to show off their music with another age-old tradition, charms. Charms have been used for hundreds of years to show off personal style. They dangle from bracelets or necklaces, or even anklets. The only limitation for their uses is your own imagination.

When most people think of charms now, they think that they are only for younger females. This isn’t true. Over the years, both genders and people of all ages have used charms as a way of expressing themselves. It wasn’t until recently that people began to divide jewelry and accessories into categories such as gender and age. In fact, jewelry of any kind used to be a status symbol. It also went to show who you were affiliated with. For example, kings, queens, knights, and more would wear rings to show their loyalty and position.

Types of Music Charms

When it comes to music charms there are three main types that you can find to show off your music pride.


Instruments are one of the most popular music charms because they can stand for many different things. Instrument charms are a great option for those that play music and listen to it. For those that play music, they stand as an image of the magic you make when you play. For those that enjoy listening to music an instrument can stand for your favorite genre, your favorite instrument, or anything else.


Musical notation charms can play the same role that instrument charms play. Another great use for notation charms is to show off your love of writing music. There are a variety of different types of musical notation that can be found in charm form. The classic note, to sheets of music, and even more.


There are a selection of musical charms that show off people performing music with various instruments. These are probably the best option for those that play music, but they can be used for anyone. Another great use for these charms is to commemorate attending a live performance with friends.

At Chain Me Up you can find both silver charms and gold charms. These allow you to express your interest in music in your own way. Gold and silver charms both have their own characteristics and some people find one more appealing than the other. With over 100 different musical charms to choose from at Chain Me Up you can show your musical pride or a bracelet or necklace.

Silver and gold charms made by Chain Me Up are created with the same pride that we hope you show when you wear them. Each charm is crafted with care in mind. We also provide free shipping with insurance so that you won’t have to pay extra and you will know when your musical charm is going to arrive. If there should be any problem with your order or with the product you receive we pride ourselves in resolving issues and welcome your comments, concerns, and questions.

Find the music charm that is right for you and show it off today. You can add them to a necklace or bracelet that you already have or get a new one. The possibilities are endless and your joy and pride are too.

Music Charms

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