Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Travel Charms

3 Double Decker Bus Charm (chr-0092)-335

Most people like to bring back souvenirs when travelling. Some travellers collect coffee mugs or shot glasses while others may take back physical pieces of the country they’ve visited, such as sand in a jar from the beach or a sample of the soil. These precious mementos are brought home to remind travellers of their time spent away from home in a foreign land or a trip out of state, and they serve as a little piece of the trip that will always be with them.

Travel charms can keep those memories fresh with a daily reminder in the form of an object from your favourite vacation spot. Perhaps a loved one is missing the foggy streets of London and the cosy bus rides through the centre of one of the greatest cities in the world; a double-decker bus charm or a striking gold likeness of Big Ben makes a perfect gift, one that they’ll be sure to treasure. The sweeping views of the English countryside are just a jingle away when you’re wearing your favourite English travel charm on your wrist.

With the Christmas season approaching, gifting is on everyone’s minds. Getting your loved one a travel charm is an opportunity to give a truly unique present to your favourite traveller. The myriad of reasons will have you browsing our extensive collection this holiday season. Here’s just a few to think about:

  • Your memories will last as long as your charm does. Travel charms are a durable, lightweight souvenir to remember your trip by. Since we offer charms in silver and gold (yellow, white or rose), you know the quality will last you through the years. The wear and tear you may experience with other memorabilia can be easily avoided by buying a travel charm. Keeping your charm pristine is as simple as cleaning it regularly to avoid tarnishing and storing it properly.

  • Travel charms can be highly personalized. Nothing shows that you care more than a personalized gift. Generic gifts like boxes of chocolate or Christmas gift sets, while classic, are old hat and won’t make a lasting impression. Getting your loved one a travel charm that speaks to their heart and soul is what will have you on Santa’s good list this holiday season. That romantic trip to Italy can be commemorated with a silver gondolier charm paired with a figaro chain. Memories of a family cruise in the Bahamas can be captured in an ocean cruise liner charm in stunning white gold. The possibilities are endless.

  • They won’t break the bank. There’s a sort of depression after you finish your Christmas shopping. Who can blame you? Looking at your receipts, it looks like you just spent your life’s savings. Even a bouquet of roses costs enough to make you shudder. Travel charms are an affordable, high quality gift idea that will make both you and your wallet smile. We offer charms as low as $8.50. An entire set of charms can be bought for the same price as a new mixer or dinner set, maybe even less!

  • They’re the gift that keeps on giving. The great thing about travel charms is that the more trips you take, the more charms you can add to your bracelet. Each destination vacation becomes an opportunity to add to your collection. Even if you don’t make it to Bali or the Himalayas, you can wear your dreams on your wrist with a charm to remind you of your goals. Paris is just an Eiffel Tower charm away; there’s a charm for every corner of the globe, so start your collection off right with the place you want to go the most.

It’s hard to resist the appeal of a good travel charm. There’s nothing quite like a gift that can evoke images of your favourite places and travel memories, and you can’t beat the allure of a personalized gift that is spot on. Buy your sweetheart or loved one a gift that will touch their heart this Christmas. You can browse our collection of travel charms here, and make sure to pick out a dazzling chain to match if you haven’t already!

Travel Charms

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