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Food Charms

Knife Fork and Spoon Charm (chr-0447)-335It’s more than just an essential. Food is an art, a culinary design that whisks us away to a land of succulent crab dishes and perfectly balanced soups. The number of recipes in the world is way too high to count. Cooking shows parade across our television screens and make us want to consume each and every dish that appears on the screen. No one who has watched Gordon Ramsay’s cooking shows has ever turned up their nose at whatever he’s made. Food, for many, isn’t just food… it’s a way of life.

Food brings family to the table and conjures up memories of dinners past as we join our loved ones in devouring the delectable meal in front of us. It’s this fondness for food that has inspired us here at Chain Me Up to create a collection of charms dedicated entirely to the art of cooking and culinary dishes, as well as our favourite beverages and snack foods. We hope these charms will brighten up your day as you show them off to your friends and family. Here are just a few from our selection:

Crayfish Charm – Here in the Outback, we enjoy a good seafood buffet from time to time. A boiled pot of crayfish makes for an incredibly tasty treat, especially when spiced to perfection. Tender crab or lobster meat just melts in your mouth as your taste buds sing and savour this delectable meal. This crustacean will remind you of all those backyard barbeques with family and friends, where the food was good and the company was even better.

2 Cup Cake Charm (chr-2182)-750

Cupcake Charm – Few can resist the siren call of a frosted baked treat. Cupcakes are one of the tastiest things invented since cookies made their debut, and we find our mouths watering just thinking about them. Perhaps your mother made them for you on special occasions or for your birthday. You scarfed them down before anyone else had a chance to with no regrets whatsoever. Just to let you in on a little secret… adults still do this as well. Then we go and spend hours on the treadmill hoping to sweat the calories out. We ask ourselves if it’s worth the trade-off. It totally, totally is.

Meat Pie Charm
– Who can forget this mealtime staple? Whether you love or hate meat pies, they’re incredibly popular in Australia, and they’re here to stay. Stuffed inside a flaky golden crust is a warm gravy of meat and savoury seasonings. Although you’ll see meat pies at petrol stations and convenience stores, there’s nothing that beats a home-made meat pie with fresh ingredients like onions, cheese and minced meat rolling in gravy. Top it with ketchup, and you’ve got a meal made for an Aussie king!

Wine Bottle and Corkscrew Charm – A toast! A toast! Or perhaps you’d rather keep things quiet while sipping on a nice glass of Pinot Gregio or a sultry Merlot. Wine and fine dining have been paired together for thousands of years for various reasons, but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that serious consideration was given to what wine goes with what food. Aroma, density and taste all play a delicate part when choosing the perfect wine for your evening meal. Frankly, we don’t intend to judge you on what wine you drink. We just want to let you show your appreciation for this delicious beverage straight off the vine.

Knife, Fork and Spoon Charm – This is a charm that really says it all. Where would we be without the proper tools for dining? We’d be sent straight back to a prehistoric era where eating with your hands was the only possible way to nourish yourself. Thankfully, society has grown more sophisticated and has developed these tools to get delicious foods from the plate and straight into our mouths with relatively little mess. All anyone will be able to think of when they see this charm is that you must be a fan of fine dining. After all, the charm is a set of utensils made from solid gold. You don’t have to tell them you’re more of a fan of take-out.

The next time you’re out dining, show off your appreciation for culinary marvels with one of our food charms. You can browse the entire collection here.



Food Charms

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