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How to choose a gold chain

white gold box chainFor the casual observer, it seems that those among us who wear jewellery regularly have effortlessly put their outfit together every morning. Little do they know that there’s a lot of thought put into what type of jewellery goes with what outfit. Choosing the right gold chain for your particular outfit can be a difficult decision, but we’ve come up with a helpful guide that will make picking the best chain for your wardrobe as effortless as it seems.

What type of gold?

This is the first thing you should consider because the type of gold you wear with a particular outfit may clash if not chosen correctly. For example, rose gold goes well with more subtle colours like ivory or nude. Colours like beige or coral can also accentuate the rose gold, and vice versa. Likewise, yellow gold and white gold have their own colour pairings.

Yellow gold pairs well with bolder, warmer colours like navy or red. If you really want to accentuate it, wear white or black; it will really pop when placed against color extremes. Yellow gold is by far the most versatile when pairing jewellery with clothing. White gold is just about as versatile, but you have to take skin tone into account with this particular metal. Cool skin tones benefit the most from white gold, so you’ll find that it doesn’t pair well with a tan or rosier skin.

How many karats should the gold be?

When choosing a gold chain for your outfit, the number of karats should also be a factor. The oils in our skin can corrode and tarnish jewellery over time because of the consistent contact with those oils. Choosing gold that is more durable can help fend off the negative effects of wear and tear, letting you keep your jewellery pieces for longer.

First off, you absolutely don’t want anything higher than 18 karats if you’re going to be wearing the gold chain often. Anything in the range of 20-24 karats will be softer and is more likely to bend, scratch or squish (24 karat gold is particularly malleable because of its purity). Gold chains should be in the range of 9 -18 karats. This is because they have enough of the gold to maintain the appearance of it while also containing a more solid metal to help keep its shape.

Choosing solid gold over jewellery that is simply gold-plated is a wise decision. Gold-plated jewellery may be cheaper, but it’s… well… cheaper. The plating will quickly wear off with continued use, whereas solid gold will last much longer and maintain its shape. You’ll get more use and longevity out of a higher quality necklace, so get ready to shell out more cash than expected. It’s highly worth it in the long run.

chain lengthsHow long should the chain be?

This can vary depending on your outfit and gender. Men’s gold chains are pretty simple; longer lengths should be chunkier without being overly designed. A short gold chain should be understated with medium to smaller links. Women’s gold chains, on the other hand, can vary depending on the type of links used and outfit worn.

You must always be aware of your neckline. A necklace that’s too short on a deep neckline can fall in the space between the breasts. Likewise, a necklace that’s too long can look awkward while proving difficult when leaning or bending over. If you find that your necklace is overly long, you can shorten it by looping it around your neck twice. This also creates a nice layering effect while keeping the necklace out of your way.

What type of link should I use?

The type of link used for a woman’s gold chain can be chosen according to length or personal preference. For longer gold chains without a pendant, delicate-looking links like the Figaro or Belcher, such as those seen in our Thin Gold Chains section. Several necklaces of this link type and length can be layered for a more dramatic and eye-catching effect, or they can be worn as a single chain against a solid colour.

For those who want longer gold chains with a pendant on them, a sturdier chain is in order. Cable and rope chains are durable enough to hold pendants according to the size of the chain (medium chains can hold medium pendants, and vice versa with large pendants and large chains). You’ll want to stay away from Belcher chains when using pendants, as these are very delicate. Belcher chains are also helpful when adjusting the length of the necklace because of the more open links.

Box chains are also a good choice for pendant necklaces. They don’t often tangle or twist, making them ideal for pendants that can cause the necklace to swing back and forth. Aside from this valuable feature, box chains make matching jewellery easier because of the box chain’s plainer yet elegant appearance. You can match quite a bit of jewellery with the box chain, whereas the Figaro chain or other fancy chains may need customized jewellery to match the link design.

What clasp should I use for this chain?

Once again, it depends on the link type and length, as well as the width of the chain. Our gold chains come with a standard parrot clasp, but this may not be ideal for everyone. Parrot clasps can be difficult to open for those with limited dexterity, and they require a precise aim to fasten properly. Those who have troubles with parrot clasps should consider using a heart padlock with a medium chain to make things easier when fastening it.

Heart padlocks can also be a great addition to longer necklaces in place of a pendant. They’re perfectly designed to be lightweight enough to be hung on more delicate chains, and they make a beautiful necklace feature. We have a variety of heart padlock designs for all of our chains; you can view the selection in our Gold Padlocks section.

What other considerations are there?

Personal taste plays a big part when choosing which gold chain to wear, but there are several other options that customers don’t know about. Here at Chain Me Up, we not only adjust your gold chain to whatever length is desired, but we can customize your chain with a variation of link colours and types in the same chain. Alternating gold colours can add something special to the chain you purchase, so that’s something else to consider.

When selecting the length of your chain, make sure you have precise measurements in mind. If you aren’t sure what length to order, you can always consult us or order a slightly longer chain than you think you need. Longer chains can be shortened, but lengthening a shorter chain isn’t as easy and may cost more at your local jewellery shop. Any questions can be answered by our expert jewellery team by using any of the contact forms on our site. You can also consult our handy Buyer’s Guide!






How to choose a gold chain

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