Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Rose Gold Charms

2 Eiffel Tower Charm (chtr-cgchs383)-335Rose gold jewellery was strongly favoured in the first half of the last century for it’s beautiful warmth of colour. I wear my grandfather’s rose gold wedding ring and love the deep colour that a little extra copper gives to the metal.

Today rose gold is popular with many of those who fancy their own style with a touch of nostalgia for times past.

A combination of yellow gold and rose gold charms can produce a very stylish charm bracelet. The handmade bracelets we supply can be crafted to match with alternating links of yellow and rose gold or white gold links. This gives you the ability to craft a very unique and personal charm bracelet carrying the symbols of your loves, memories and achievements.

Our full range of around 4600 individual charms are all able to be made in both yellow and rose gold and sterling silver. Around 4000 charms in our range are also available in white gold.

The Eiffel Tower shown here would be a great reminder of your trip to Paris and is just one in our range of travel charms. Many of our customers wait until they arrive home from their holidays to add a few new charms as a reminder of their overseas travels. Knowing the charms we sell are great quality and we are here in Australia means it is safer than buying from a store or market stall where you can’t return to if you find the charms you bought weren’t genuine. We have a number of customers that have been taken in by fly by night merchants overseas and have replaced the dodgy charms they bought there with genuine charms from our store.

Rose Gold Charms

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