Monday, 7 December 2015

So you"re getting married!

25335_C20The big question has been asked and answered and all of a sudden your about to take a huge stride into a new and wonderful life. Congratulations!

You love the attention and the best wishes from your friends and family who are all looking forward to sharing your big day. The excitement is contagious and your girlfriends want to be involved and help you make it the most special day of your life.

But then, all of a sudden, you realise there is a massive task ahead of you. A wedding to plan.

The venue, who to invite, the flowers, the photographer, the food, the bar and who is going to be part of the wedding party? Chill. It’s going to be fine. Things may go a little wrong on the day, but it really doesn’t matter!

You’re there, your partner is there and the rings have been exchanged. It’s done and that’s what it is all about. The exchanging of vows and the step into a new and beautiful future.

Remember that even if things do go a little off plan, it always leads to the best stories that you will look back on and laugh. Seriously, you will, maybe not on the day, but later nothing is so bad that it won’t become a great part of the memory of the day that you took the plunge.

Having said that, you always want everything to go just right. You make plans, have backups in place and leave nothing to chance. Plan well ahead, keep on top of the people you are paying to provide services for the wedding and it will be fine. Follow up on their progress as the weeks pass and especially in the last couple of days before the wedding.

The Budget.

Unless your the child of Bill Gates, there is going to be a budget that you have to work within.

May I suggest you make cutbacks to the things that won’t last and spend a little more on the things that endure. The flowers that fill the church may look awesome on the day but where will they be next week? A great photographer will give you memories you can display for a lifetime. Get the idea? Are you guests going to remember more, that your invitations had gold leaf embossing or that the view over the river at the reception centre where they danced the away was magnificent?

W53237_CZThe bridesmaid’s Jewellery.

The bridesmaids are also really important in making sure the day goes well for you. They are your support network to be there to hug you and wipe away the tears when the stress levels rise and to make you laugh so hard that your mascara runs.

Traditionally, the bridesmaids are gifted jewellery to wear on the big day. It’s very important that it compliments the bride’s jewellery, as should the hair styles, dresses and bouquets.  It is very rare that a bridesmaids dress would ever be worn again but the same shouldn’t apply to the jewellery they wear. It doesn’t have to be expensive to make your bridesmaids look glamorous on the day and I’m sure they would really appreciate being able to wear the jewellery again and again in everyday life.

When selecting jewellery there are a few things that can make a huge difference. What is going to be noticed, especially in the wedding photos, will be what they wear from the chest upwards. A stunning but subtle necklace and a pair of elegant earrings will feature in every photo. Remember that they shouldn’t outshine the bride so simplicity is the answer here. Diamond stud earrings or solitaire drop diamond earrings are beautiful yet don’t steal the brides thunder. A fine silver or gold necklace with a matching pendant sets off the look to compliment the bride.

I’m sure that you would wish the bridesmaids to continue to wear the jewellery you give them for your special day. It would be a real shame if you chose poorly and they were never worn again. Gold and diamonds may well be beyond your budget, but sterling silver and cubic zirconias are likely not. It’s not easy to tell the difference, and good quality silver with crisp white stones won’t go out of style any time soon.

35418_CZ 35417_CZEven if you have chosen to wear yellow gold on the day, white gold or sterling silver for the bridesmaids creates a lovely contrast. The bridesmaids will all be adorned alike and if you wear a similar pendant, you will create a subtle look of consistency in the bridal party.

When selecting a necklace and pendant, it is important to consider how they will sit in relation to the neckline of the bridesmaid’s dresses. If your bridesmaids are similar builds, one length should be fine for them all. You may need to consider a slightly longer or shorter necklace to compensate for differences in their frames.

With the selection of either gold or silver earrings, studs won’t suit if the hair is falling around the ears. If the hair is swept back, then either drops or studs would be suitable.

So you"re getting married!

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