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Jewellery Trends 2016

multiple-silver-chainsRoss Fraser, the owner of Chain Me Up shares his thoughts on the expected trends we will see during 2016 as the economy improves and more people are returning to shop for higher quality jewellery. An interesting point he made was, “quality jewellery will not only last a lifetime, but simple classical designs can be worn throughout your whole life.” A solid gold chain is the perfect example of this. Simple, timeless and elegant – quality solid gold necklaces and bracelets that will last for many many years.

Elaborating on this, Ross explained, “Our store exclusively sells real jewellery. Solid gold and sterling silver, with real gemstones that have the quality to last and be treasured today and worthy of handing down to your loved ones. Costume jewellery doesn’t provide value for money. It is a great alternative for a one off occasion where you want to look special, but it will never be an item you will wear regularly, or with pride.”

Recent years have seen the sales of branded styles of charm bracelets swell and slow. More and more people are moving away from these bracelets as they become less of a fashion trend. Increasingly, the perception of value for money is being questioned, when compared to more traditional charm bracelets.

A major jewellery store in Australia has launched a new range of pendants, where the inner design can be removed from a frame and replaced with another insert. I wonder whether the same people who jumped on the Pandora style bracelet trends will embrace this concept? Many people who have been ‘locked in’ to buying charms that only fit a branded bracelet may see the interchangeable pendant range as being of a similar ilk, having to return to the same store to add new inserts.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was to always buy the best that I could afford. This applies equally to jewellery as it does to tools, cars, electronics, household appliances and clothing. A good quality item will always outlast a number of inferior items, and in the case of jewellery you will have a piece that you can pass down to your children. The fact that you loved and wore it regularly means it will have an important sentimental value that inferior costume jewellery could never match.

I think the wide held expectation of buying great jewellery cheaply on sites like eBay has well and truly peaked as it becomes increasingly clear that you really do get what you pay for. Many items coming from stores in China stamped 925, the mark for sterling silver, have been found to be silver plated brass. What seemed to be too good to be true, was. No real surprise there, but many people did get burnt and had little recourse dealing with a scammer on the other side of the world.

multiple-gold-chainsThe trend we think will blossom over the next twelve months is layering. Having three fine gold necklaces of the same design but made to different lengths creates a stunning effect. Custom made chains are featured at Chain Me Up, where any gold chain can be made to the exact length you require in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. The handmade chains here can be created to your design in any combination of the three most popular colours of gold.

Building on the layering concept, you may choose to have 45cm, 50cm and 55cm length identical necklaces made in yellow gold. These can be worn together to great effect or worn individually to suit your outfit.

Russian wedding bands, three interlocking rings of yellow gold, rose gold and white gold have remained popular for many years because of the tactile way they roll onto the finger as well as the way the three colours of gold compliment each other. Three necklaces of the same length, one made of each of the most common colours of gold can also be worn together for an elegant and stylish look. Again they can be separated and worn individually to match your wardrobe.

Having several similar necklaces that can be grouped together or worn alone gives a greater number of possibilities for styles than the same number of non-matching gold or silver chain necklaces. The same applies to those who prefer bracelets or bangles. Look for designs that compliment each other so they can be worn together and the number of possibilities grows faster than the number of bangles you own.

Most often charm bracelets and the charms they hold are made of the same colour gold or silver. Having some of the charms made of a different shade of gold can create a beautiful contrast that adds interest and could be used to highlight a very special memory carried on your wrist.

This year is expected to see people shopping more for better quality and buying less pieces. Wise shopping means you will be able to select pieces that work together and vastly increase the possibilities and combinations of styles from a smaller number of jewellery pieces.

Your jewellery should express your own individual style, so choose quality over quantity and simplicity rather than complexity. The number of style combinations will be greater and you can mix and match for many years knowing that simple elegant styles never go out of fashion.


Jewellery Trends 2016

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