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About Chain Me Up

charm-braceletsChain Me Up has emerged in the jewellery market as an expert in custom-made jewellery chains and charms made in solid gold, silver and sterling silver.

In early 2010, Chain Me Up was just a small online store selling a limited variety of gold and silver chains for bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Ross Fraser is the founder of Chain Me Up, and his 10 years of experience working for a local chain manufacturer prompted him to open his very own jewellery store. His time as a computer technician meant that friends and family were always putting in requests for precious metal chains at the manufacturer’s price, so Ross was inspired to start his own business to provide them with gold and silver chains at affordable prices.

Chain Me Up originally specialized in just precious metal chains, but before long Ross gathered a few more manufacturers from his native Australia into the fold. Charms made of solid 9ct gold and sterling silver were added to the lineup of products. Each charm is original and handmade, but the initial count of different styles was only 700. After finding another producer, the selection quickly grew to almost 4000 charm styles. In order to make charm bracelets more customisable, Chain Me Up started to offer open or closed jump rings as an option for attaching charms to bracelets.

More requests for different options came in, and parrot clasps were added as well because they allow the customer to attach and reattach charms to different bracelets with ease. Link locks became another popular option because customers could assemble their charm bracelet on their own and securely lock the charms in place without having to pay a jeweler to do it. Shoppers who wanted to turn charms into earrings were able to do so with the addition of shepherd hooks. The shepherd hooks acted as earring findings and were added to the choice of fittings when ordering charms.

As if these options weren’t varied enough, every chain and charm is orderable in yellow, rose or white gold, and also in sterling silver. This wide variety of choices can’t be seen in traditional high street shops. Being able to customise orders to this degree has become Chain Me Up’s main focus. The company prides itself in supplying customers with high quality precious metal jewellery, affordable prices and reasonable delivery time frames. The sheer number of choices means that there’s a certain wait time for each order, but the level of customisation Chain Me Up provides is worth the time it takes.

Over the years, more selection and store items have been added to the product range. More and more options are added every year. The most recent additions are the selection of pendants and bangles requested by some of Chain Me Up’s returning customers. After being impressed by the service they received and requesting these items, Chain Me Up came through and now offers over 550 pendants and 100 bangle designs available with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

When trading began, Chain Me Up’s two main objectives were simple. Number one was to have the widest product range possible in order to meet customers’ needs and individual tastes. Every request is important; if a customer asks for a necklace that’s 95cm long, they should be able to get it. This dedication to customers is one of the main differences between Chain Me Up and other jewellery stores that only offer jewellery as is at a set price. True, strange requests have been asked of Chain Me Up, but rare is the occasion where a request cannot be filled.

The second objective was to stay true to Australian heritage and stock only local products. Since their opening, Chain Me Up has worked with quite a few different manufacturers, some of which have come and gone as the market continues to shrink. However, over 95% of Chain Me Up’s stock is made locally, while only 5% is from overseas suppliers. A little creativity and ingenuity was needed to find local manufacturers, as other jewellery companies tend to play things close to the vest. A company’s suppliers are practically trade secrets.

In order to grow their product line and offer even more variety, new manufacturers who produced products Chain Me Up hadn’t yet stocked were found. Chain Me Up’s reluctance to stock rings was merely because of the difficulty of properly sizing the ring for the customer. Luckily, some simple recoding allowed the company to provide an online ring sizing application, as well as new and improved e-commerce software for customising size, material, length and clasp type.

Chain Me Up’s customer base consists of satisfied, returning customers who make sure to recommend the retailer to friends and family. New customers shop their selection daily. Online chat and phone support are available from 8am to 8pm on any day of the week. Chain Me Up’s dedicated customer service representatives are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.

About Chain Me Up

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