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How To Choose Diamond Earrings

Thank you for joining us on imagine diamonds. There’s a line in Lewis Carroll’s beloved Alice in Wonderland in which Alice asks the Cheshire cat which she should go to. He asks her where she’s going and she replies that she doesn’t know. If you don’t know where you’re going, the cat replies, any road will lead you there. In other words if you don’t really care where you end up, then it doesn’t really matter which path you take.

I think of this exchange whenever someone asks me for advice on a jewellery purchase, particularly earrings because the types are so varied. If you truly don’t care about the type, style and quality of your diamond earrings, if you’re just looking for something prettier, a quick solution for at last mini gift, it doesn’t matter which pair you choose. If however, you do have preferences, ideas about your perfect pair and would just like to get some help getting there, some help with choosing diamond earrings, let me see what I can do about helping you narrow down the possible paths.

Choosing a pair of diamond earrings comes down to two components, the style and the diamonds. By style we of course mean the type of earrings, are they small and dainty, large and gaudy and when it comes to the diamonds of course we need any all included in the pair whether that means two large studs or dozens of small stones embedded a pair of chandeliers.

The style, let’s start with that. You’ve heard me say this before and that I’ve always insist that a person start with the overall style they are looking for before turning attention to the actual diamonds themselves, because until you have a framework you hardly know what your diamond needs will be really and as we’ll see, when we get to the diamond section of the post, importance and prominence  of the diamonds and constantly the degree to which you must carefully select, depend entirely on the style of earrings you choose to buy.

So let’s look at a few examples that should give you some ideas when choosing diamond earrings. Hoops are one of the most commonly seen types of diamond earrings of all time, they’re versatile, can go with anything, ease make them at popular choice. At times I’ve heard complaints that hoops are a bit boring, in that the only aspect you can really customize is the size of the hoops but they’re no fuss, simplicity’s will likely always make them favourite.

With hoops it’s particularly important to make sure that diamond appears to be uniform in size and colour. If one is noticeably darker than all the rest it will stand out dramatically. Drop earrings are so-called due to the way they literally drop from the ear, usually they bear sizeable gems or perhaps a cluster of smaller gems. These are popular on the red carpet and there’s typically a good variety of options available. Make sure the pair you are eyeing is particularly sizable or gaudy that you make sure that it isn’t too much of a pull on the earlobe itself, as this can distract them the overall presentation.

Now a few words about chandelier earrings, they got their name from their appearance which hangs down from the earring, ornate and glamorous pattern of sparkle and flair, much like a chandeliers are popular in part, because each pair tends to be very unique. You can go over your whole life and never see a chandelier duplicated and the same type of a variety can be found in the chandelier earring style. Of course one can’t forget the classic and most popular option of all, the stud. Yes diamond stud earrings, though like hoops and the perceived lack of creativity perhaps reign supreme with a higher degree of diamond earrings. One thing to keep in mind about studs, however obvious this may seem, is that more so than any other style of the diamond earring we’ve discussed the diamonds themselves are much more important.

While you always want to be the diamonds in the earrings to be of superior quality, cut and polish, in the case of studs, the diamonds are the earrings, so you can’t scrimp on a selection. The diamonds, this selection is particularly important if you’re looking into studs or perhaps drops with sizeable diamonds. Again you always want the best diamonds that you can afford, but in the case of say a pair of chandelier earrings embedded with a dozen tiny diamonds you won’t need to opt out for the best.

The diamonds simply aren’t big enough and hence won’t be noticed in the same way that studs will. But back to diamond education which begins with shape and cut. Studs come in all kinds of diamond shapes, so this becomes a matter of personal preference. Round brilliants are by far the most common brilliant cuts and in general also show more fire and sparkle in the mix or step cut stones like emeralds.

The bigger the diamonds in your earrings the more important the clarity is. While there’s no need to pay for flawless diamonds, nor should you ever, ever go in anywhere near the other end of the scale. The I1 I2 or I3 category of included diamonds, anything in the VVS, VS or SI1 categories is perfectly acceptable.

Keep in mind, again, this becomes more important the diamonds are big that si1 diamonds are slightly cooler than that it may be possible though unlikely for some flaws and inclusions to be seen by the naked eye. Colour of course is also exasperated by how big the diamonds are and the bigger they are the more noticeable it will be, if you’ve chosen a colour grade with a hint of borderline yellow. Stick to something in the colourless range, these will have letter grades D, E or F or the near colours range better grades from G through J. Telling me the possibility of faint yellow or brown colour and once you’ve put this all together, the carat weight you will settle for on stud’s will ultimately be determined by your budget.

Keep it in mind, that you can always tweak any of the four C’s in order to adjust as needed and one thing I’ve always liked to remind people of, is that one needn’t not go big when it comes to studs. Small ones can suffice just fine. I have a pair of studs that I’ve sold to some of my customers one tenth and I don’t feel like a pauper when I give them to the clients. I feel glamorous that people are comfortable wearing these. Why? Because sometimes a small pair of studs defines woman’s beauty and her modesty.

Lewis Carroll’s analogy of the beginning of the post more likely to end up the perfect pair of earrings if you are coming to the decision already clear on what exactly is that you’re looking for. You’re much more likely to find the correct road to take and to ultimately get there much faster when you have some preferences for the goal. To learn more visit imagine diamonds and just to demonstrate some of the types of diamonds that we’ve talked about today, here’s a few samples.

This is the popular hoop earrings, as you can see diamonds are clearly set, was the perfect example, then we have the huggy earrings, much smaller than the hoop, but still a very classic look. Okay and then we have the drop earrings, which people like to wear on the red carpet. For more views and details of diamonds please visit imaginediamonds.com

Thank you.

How To Choose Diamond Earrings

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