Sunday, 21 August 2016

End of sporting year ideas

Netball charm (chr-0263) on 45cm LCD-40 necklace-750The Olympics are nearly over and Usain Bolt has quite probably placed himself as the most talented athlete of all time. Who knows how long it will take to find someone who could achieve the remarkable record he has set on the track?

On a local level, many sporting teams are also coming to the end of their own seasons. Often the year end presentations amount to the handing out of trophies or ribbons for the players who excelled or managed to improve over the season by the largest degree.

It’s nice to show recognition to the players who perform best, but it is also important to acknowledge that every team member has made contributions to the team. The gift of a sterling silver memento of the sport they love from their club at the end of the year leaves a lasting impression and makes everyone feel appreciated.

We recently had a request from a netball team in New South Wales to supply them with jewellery they could hand out to all of their players at the season presentations.

They selected a solid silver netball charm from our range of netball and netballer charms and we sent them one so they could pass it around at the committee meeting. They also wished to consider a necklace but weren’t sure if it would fit into their budget.

We discussed the options and they decided that a fine width long curb chain may suit, so again we sent them a sample which the committee agreed would be suitable.

As they were a not for profit organisation, we managed to do a great deal on the combination of both the charm and silver chain. This made it possible for the club to provide both the charm and chain, when they thought the budget would only allow for the netball charm to be given.

Of course there are many other sports, both team and individual where members are part of a club. Tennis and golf, football, soccer, gymnastics and boxing are just a few that come to mind.

We have a large range of sporting charms that can be used as part of your own end of year celebrations and we welcome your enquiries.

Most teams will appreciate that it is much more cost effective to purchase sterling silver, especially when there are many team members to buy for. However, for special awards, the budget can sometimes stretch to accommodate a few solid gold charms.

These can be great for the captain, coach or ‘best and fairest’ to show how much they mean to the way the club functions. Where you may consider giving jewellery to the first, second and third placed competitors in a competition, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold can be used for the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.

As much as a trophy is appreciated and shows their prowess, a solid gold charm is something they will wear everyday as a constant reminder of their victory.

So next time you are planning an awards ceremony, season breakup or awards for a competition, drop by our website for some fresh ideas.


End of sporting year ideas

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