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How to Style Jewellery


Hi everybody and welcome back to my channel. Today I am so excited to bring you a video on five tips for styling your jewelry but before I get into that, if you are new to this channel, thank you so much for stopping by. I hope that if you like this video, you will consider subscribing to my channel and hitting the little bell next to the subscribe button, so that you can be notified each time I upload a new video.

So without any further ado, let’s get into this. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about jewellery because I love, love, love, jewellery. I’ve always loved jewellery and makeup, those are like my two things. I’m like a jewelry and makeup girl and you know some people love purses and shoes, not that I don’t love purses and shoes because I do, but I love, love, love, jewelry and makeup and in fact when I was in medical school and residency, I actually had a jewellery business. At the time, my husband was working in San Francisco and I would go up and visit him and in Chinatown they had these beautiful pearl necklaces that were like gorgeous big pink and gray and black pearls and that was when like the really chunky jewelry was in style, like in the early 2000s and the big pendants and I would make all of this jewellery and sell it and to earn extra money and one thing that I really, really loved about making jewelry, was mixing like beautiful things like pearl and more earthy stones and I loved mixing gold and silver.

I just thought it was so fun to do that, so that is something that I still really enjoy doing with the jewelry that I wear, is kind of like mixing tones, mixing um you know, like earthy elements with more fancy elements like pearls. So anyway, let’s get into a couple of tips. The first tip is do mix metals. So I know that in the early 2000s white gold was super, duper, duper in style and everybody was getting wild everything like and in fact I kind of jumped on that bandwagon myself. I have a white gold wedding ring, my watch is stainless steel like we all were really into white gold you know around 2005 or so but in the last four or five years, gold is totally back in and it is totally okay to mix your gold and silver jewelry.

So you know when you are layering necklaces you can wear a gold necklace and a silver necklace, you can wear a silver or a white gold ring like I have with a gold right hand ring. You can mix a stainless steel watch with a gold bracelet, all of that looks great and it makes your jewelry wardrobe so much more versatile. So don’t be afraid to mix gold and silver. The next tip is stack your jewelry, that is so it makes your jewelry looks so interesting. So one thing that I love to stack are rings, so this ring which is just an inexpensive costume ring from Costco let’s see if the camera will focus for you, it’s just costume jewellery but it looks like stacked rings. It’s actually like bonded together but it looks like stacked rings and I think that when you stack rings, especially if they’re dainty, it is such an interesting look. If you want to buy costume jewelry, bauble bar as a place that has tons and tons of rings that you can stack, to come up with a really interesting stacked ring look. Another set of stacked rings that my husband got me are these ones, where I mixed all the tones. I have a rose gold, a white gold and a yellow gold set of stacked rings and that looks so beautiful and you know I encourage you guys to, I will link some stacked rings below, did I say that already? Um at bauble bar that you can check out and so that you can kind of get creative with stacking rings.

You can also stack bracelets, so on my watch and often I will stack two bracelets. This one is Madri, it is from Nordstrom and this is Lagos and notice it’s two-toned it’s gold and silver and I enjoy stacking bracelets with rings. You can also stack bracelets on your right hand. So like an example are these two bracelets right here, that if I could get it open, I would show you. So I would stack these two bracelets together and if I had like three or four more bracelets, that look like they match these two, I would stack those as well. Typically if I’m stacking on one wrist I will not stack on the other. So if I have stacked bracelets on this wrist, I’ll leave this one empty or if I have a bunch on this wrist, I won’t stack them with my watch. The other thing is if you decide not to stack and you just decide to wear like a really big bracelet like this, which I’m going to get to in a little while, I wouldn’t wear stacked on that arm either.

So a little bit of information really quick about the bracelets that I’m wearing. So if you are looking for some really good quality jewellery that like for nice stackable bracelets, I wanted to share these two companies with you where I got these two bracelets because I think they’re so good. This bracelet is from Ross Simons, now Ross Simon’s I don’t know if you guys have heard of it it’s a company that’s got like catalogs and it’s online and some cities they have stores like in DC. They have a store, I think in Chicago, they have a store in New York, they have a store and at Ross Diamonds you can get like a whole variety of things. You can get like dishes and plates but you can also get really fine jewelry like real diamonds. You know they have the whole gamut of prices at Ross Diamonds, they have very expensive you know real diamonds jewelry, but then they have a lot of jewellery that is cubic zirconia but with gold plated or rose gold plated or sterling silver and at very good price points. So this bracelet is from Ross Simon’s and when I bought it I bought one in rose gold one in gold and one in white gold and I really love stacking those three or stacking them with this bracelet. Um really quick as a side note, other things that I’ve gotten at Ross Simons, actually I’ll get to that with my next tip, i’ll come back to that. So check out Ross diamonds for beautiful stackable bracelets, that’s the price point can be anywhere from like a hundred to two hundred to three hundred dollars. If you want something less expensive, I will link some good stackable bracelets from bauble bar for you, because today have awesome stackable bracelets. Then the other bracelets that I wanted to talk about was ones that are like this which I’m going to link below for you. This is from Henri Bendel, Henri Bendel is a store in New York, they have these bracelets that are made of steel and then they’re like rhodium plated. So they’re kind of heavy, they remind me of the Cartier love bracelets, I don’t have one of those, but they remind me they’re kind of heavy like the Cartier love bracelet but you can get them off really easily, you don’t screw them on and they have ones that have like gold shimmer, like this one but gold. They have ones that have silver shimmer like this one, they have ones that have like little screws that are very reminiscent of the Cartier love bracelet. They have one sand that flowers and they are so, so cute to stack. So I’m going to link all of those below for you. They are super high quality, um you know you can get them wet it’s going to be fine. I mean I don’t shower with this but I’m not worried about getting a wet, I’m not worried about banging it I’m not worried about it discolouring, they are on the more expensive side like there are 118 to 150 dollars. So that’s why I only have one, but they are really cool bracelets.

So check out the links below and look at the Henry Bendel collection and if you’re interested in stacking bracelets, they’re a really good like gift idea, you know, if you are having a birthday or during the holidays, if you’re looking for a gift for an anniversary they’re neat bracelets to get that you can stack and I think that they’re very, very, good quality. So that is my second rule, do stack or a second recommendation, do stack your jewellery.

The third recommendation is do layer your jewelry, so right now layering necklaces is very very in style and it just adds a lot of interest, to look. I love stacking dainty necklaces, that’s probably what i do the most just because i dainty necklaces are very, very easy for me to wear, especially when i’m at work. So I typically wear two necklaces, so this one is just like little discs and I think I saw Leanne says wearing a necklace that resembled this and I could just see it on our YouTube channel. I couldn’t see like the details of the necklace but I just saw something that looked like this, that was like kind of shimmering and sparkling off the lights. That was a choker and I loved it so I like search the internet far and wide for this necklace, hers was silver this one’s gold and so I will link it below, it is the cutest even in your 40s and 50s and 60s you can wear a choker. It is very dainty, it is very beautiful, it is I think considered a choker because it’s so short, but it looks really cute if you were a necklace that’s like this length and then you layer it with a 12 or a 14 or a 16-day or necklace and then you can even add a longer necklace, like this and I will link options for you guys below. This is old, but I will find a pretty long necklace that resembles this to link for you below, in case you’re interested in something like that or you could layer a tassel necklace with it. Like tassels are really in right now, this is from bauble bar and so you could wear these small two necklaces with a tassel necklace. Let me stand up for you guys, so you could get that look which looks really cute and really interesting. So I encourage you to layer your necklaces, it looks really, really adorable and you can be super creative and it has lots and lots of interest to outfits. So my next recommendation and again all of these things today are just my recommendations. If you don’t like to stack or you don’t like to layer or you just like a simpler look or you don’t like to mix tones, do what makes you happy. This is just a one girl’s opinion, but my next recommendation is to choose one spot of your jewellery to highlight on your face and neck and then one on your wrist and hands. That’s kind of a rule that I follow for myself, so if I’m wearing a lot of bracelets on this hand, I will just wear a watch on this hand. If I’m wearing a lot of bracelets on this hand, I will not wear a lot of bracelets on this hand, just so that the eye is only drawn to like one area, likewise, if you know I am wearing like a huge bracelet on this hand for example if I’m wearing a huge bracelet like this, I wouldn’t wear those bracelets but let’s say I was wearing a statement bracelet like that on my right hand, I would not wear a cocktail ring on my right hand.

So let me find a cocktail ring for you. I would not wear a ring like this on my right hand if I have a bracelet like this. I would choose one or the other, as something to draw the eye to. So pick the bracelet or the ring as your focal point, as your statement piece. Likewise, when you were talking about necklaces and earrings, if you are going to wear a lot of necklaces, pick dainty earrings you know I wouldn’t wear a super statement earring if you’re layering your necklaces. So an example is take these earrings right here, these earrings are kind of statement earrings, so I would not choose those earrings if I was wearing like a 3 if I was wearing this layered necklace, look because this is kind of what the eye is being drawn to and so I would wear something really dainty.

I think something like this is fine or studs or just a dainty earring. I would not wear a statement earring like this, this would be an earring that I would wear with no necklace, like I would wear my hair up and I would wear no necklace at all. So that the eye is drawn to the earring because that’s what you want people to see, that’s like your showpiece. So that is my advice regarding how to pick where you’re putting what, make sure that you choose your focal point, either earrings or necklaces and on your hands, either wrists or statement rings, to be the focal point of your jewelry and then lastly I would encourage you to wear statement piece jewelry.

So let’s talk about statement piece jewellery. Um I as you guys might have heard, when I did some of my fashion videos, I’m not like super duper great with fashion. I tend to wear a very neutral colour clothing like all black, all white, all grey, you guys notice I don’t wear like a lot of bright colours and that’s just because I’m not fabulous at putting outfits together but what I do like to do, when I’m wearing a lot of neutrals, is we’re a piece of statement jewellery, that really gives the outfit a pop and makes the outfit interesting.

So this necklace is an example. So let’s say I was wearing this black shirt with some black pants. I would take off all my layered necklaces and I would wear this necklace with some stud earrings and this would be the focal point of my outfit and it can really, really make an outfit, so interesting. Um another idea with statement necklaces, say you’re wearing a black dress and it’s just a plain black dress and you’re going to a wedding or an event in the evening, instead of wearing dainty jewellery like this, consider wearing a pair of stud earrings and a really big chunky statement necklace like this. I got this at bauble bar and I will link something similar to it below, but if you’re wearing a plain black dress adding a statement necklace like this, with no other jewelry except for like maybe some dainty earrings and like your ring and a watch, is a really, really beautiful way to make your outfit pop and add some interest to a plain outfit.

So that’s how I like to wear statement jewelry, by wearing really plain clothes and then adding the statement jewellery to really add interest to the outfit, even with non dressy clothes you can very easily wear statement jewelry. So a lot of the time in the winter, I will wear this necklace, straighten it out for you guys, I will wear this necklace with a white t-shirt, my moto jacket jeans and Monica moto boots and I love the way that looks, because it’s got some sparkle, it is a statement necklace and this adds a really nice feminine touch to that outfit. So um I encourage you and then I won’t wear much other jewelry, I’ll just for like small earrings and my ring and I encourage you to use statement jewelry to dress-up outfits like that as well, not only dressy outfits. So but just remember if you’re wearing a really chunky statement necklace, go easy on the rest of the jewelry. Coco Chanel once said something like put on all your jewellery and before you leave the house take something off and I think her point was, make sure that you don’t overdo it, kind of pick your focal point. So um if you like statement jewelry, decide if you like more neutral statement jewellery, that’s more my preference, like this which are more subdued colours or like this, which are just very neutral colours. I used to buy more bright coloured statement jewellery, for example this necklace and what I noticed when I was filming one of my first YouTube videos, was that when I wear this necklace, it just does not work for me. I bought this because Erin Busby was wearing this in one of her blogs and she was so amazing, she looked like she walked out of the cover like of a boat magazine with this beautiful red necklace and like a navy blue and white stripe shirt and it looked so awesome and then I put it on and I look like I walked out of a terrible 80s movie. I don’t know why, it just did not work for me it looked beautiful on Aaron but not beautiful on me. I mean to the extent that I actually took down the video where I was wearing this because I just felt like I like I look like an 80s girl. So you know I typically after I saw that youtube video do not go for my bright, bright jewellery anymore, I go for more subdued neutral statement pieces but if you are a person like Aaron Busby who can support this and you look amazing, do it. So take pictures and see how you think you look in pictures to decide what kind of statement jewelry, that looks good on you. So those are my recommendations there was one more thing I wanted to tell you in terms of layering necklaces, Ross Simons has really great necklaces that are so good for layering. So this is a diamonds by the yard, these are cubic zirconia but this is gold covered over sterling silver and it’s like $30, it’s a $30 necklace that you can get at Ross Simon’s but it’s such good quality. I have it in every colour, I have it in gold, I have it in silver, so this is sterling silver with cubic zirconia and I have it in rose gold and the reason that I love these is because I don’t have, because they’re real metals, they’re not like nickel or something like that, I feel like they’re just gonna last longer I don’t need to worry if I get perfume on them or if I get lotion on them that they’re gonna be ruined and they’re only like $30 and they’re from Ross Simon’s and they are so beautiful for layering.

Another beautiful necklace for layering that I got at Ross Simon’s would be this, sorry, I forgot to talk to you about this earlier guys. Um it’s sterling silver with cubic zirconia, so it’s such high quality but it looks so expensive, so check out Ross Simon’s you guys for beautiful sterling silver and 14-karat gold earrings and necklaces and bracelets at very good price points. If you want to look at bauble bar for super inexpensive pieces to layer. I am going to link a bunch of things below from bauble bar so that you have all kinds of options in terms of things that you can look at for yourself if you’re shopping for jewelry. So I hope I know that was a lot of information, but I hope that you guys enjoyed that video. I’m giving you some recommendations on jewellery, I’ll just recap it really quick, mixed metals don’t be afraid to stack on your rings and rip on your ring fingers and wrists, don’t be afraid to layer necklaces and make sure that you pick one focal point for your jewelry, like something to pop on your hands and wrists and then something to pop either your ears or your necklaces and then lastly do wear statement jewelry to really jazz up an outfit, but make sure that when you wear statement jewellery like big chunky necklaces or big chunky earrings, that those are the focal points of your outfit. So thank you guys so much for joining me today, I really enjoyed making this video and I will look forward to seeing you next time bye.

Video Credit – Dr Dani Fisher

How to Style Jewellery

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