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Charms Explained

The Charms of Life

Charms, also known as pendants, trinkets or amulets, go back thousands of years from the pre-historic era to the ancient Egyptians and up through the native inhabitants of European, Aboriginal Australia, Native American regions, and countless others.

Made of bone, shells, clay, and any other substantial materials available, they were transformed from simple elements to intricate shapes and engravings said to ward off evil spirits.

While today’s uses have a somewhat different purpose, charms still play an important role in modern society. Many people use charms to help them display the different aspects of their lives.

The ever popular chain bracelets with interchangeable charms provides an excellent and affordable way to show others what your life is all about. Even still, charms can be made for purses, cell phones, back packs, cars and just about anything else you can think of.

Others use charms as a reminder of what is really important to them. From matters of faith to a special event or person, one glance can help to boost spirits and aide in getting through the day. Many find it satisfying to carry a charm with them to ward off bad days or thoughts. A ‘lucky charm’, if you will. In a way this harkens to the origin of charms.

Different Variations

Charms can also be made into necklaces and earrings, rings or ankle bracelets. For these, people usually choose one or two charms. It makes for an endearing addition to any outfit and looks spectacularly simple in nature.

As mentioned earlier, charms can come in many forms which allows the wearer the opportunity to represent and depict a whole range of feelings and emotions her or she wants.

Today these modern jewellery and accessory items are usually made out of popular precious metals like gold, yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver and even platinum. Tarnish free silver has recently become available.

Popular themes include:-

  • Birthday stones

  • Kid’s sports teams

  • Music, reading and/or writing

  • Pets and animals

  • Cities

  • Vacations

  • Astrology signs

  • Baby

  • Character

  • Education

  • Food

  • Holiday Celebrations

  • Good luck

  • Love

  • Letters and initials

  • People

  • Plants and nature

  • Arts and theatre

  • Ballet

  • Work professions

…just to name a few!

Many charm manufacturers will take special orders if the charm you’re looking for isn’t available. Bespoke pieces like this often have an extra special meaning and sentimental value for the wearer as they become very personal and specific to them alone. Often a great way to show a loved one the special bond you have with them!

Highly Customisable

Because charms are independent of the bracelet they are attached to, they can often be put together in ways that complement certain situations. One option is to proudly display colourful beads offset by smaller silver or gold beads in between. The created effect displays a show of colour to add to an outfit.

More options await you as you can even pick out the chain colour, length, weight, and design of the links to customize the look to your needs and specifications. You can truly create a one of a kind look.

Charms make excellent companions for kids. Children often like to decorate their book bags, lunch bags, shoe laces, binders, you name it! Kids are always trying to express themselves in unique ways and a good charm with their favourite subject or character will help them to feel special.

Get kids interested in reading by making a charm book mark. Or you could use them on a chore chart. It all helps to grab their attention and engage them in important activities.

Charms work great as a reward system too. Maybe for every good grade they get, they receive a charm. Had a good month in chores? Start a charm chart so they can track their progress.

So Many Choices, Where to Start?

With so many choices it can be hard to narrow it down as to which charms you start off with. Here are some tips and ideas to help you get started:-

  • Think about the passions in your life. What do you want to show off the most?

  • Do you have a favourite vacation destination?

  • Represent your home city or sports team.

  • Kid’s favourite characters. This is a fun way to show your kids that you know what they like. They add a different look to your bracelet in fun and exciting ways.

  • Represent the people in your life. Birthday stones, dates, or depictions are always a great choice.

  • Your zodiac sign, initials or even the first letter of your name.

  • Display your favourite pet or animals.

  • Main area of study in school, your profession or your dream job.

  • They make great gifts! Show the person in your life that you care.

A Little History

The modernisation of the charms we wear today can be contributed to Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Hittites. During the late 1800’s, Queen Victoria of England made them a status symbol for royalty. She popularised the notion of wearing charms on a link chain.

She loved to give finely crafted charms to her cohorts and any charm received served as a cherished reminder of a person or event throughout her reign. Queen Victoria is also accredited with devising the first funeral charms meant to commemorate a departed loved one.

Soon, famous jewellery companies started to make wears for everyday people. Often in the themes of love and desire, they were popular with the higher societies. During the industrial era, cheaper materials and production methods allowed the masses to go into a charm frenzy. Their momentum hasn’t slowed since.

There can be no doubt that charms in all shapes and sizes are here to stay. Create a beautiful sentiment for yourself or someone you love. Reward yourself, your kids, or grandkids with them.

No matter where you live in Australia, your options are never limited. Order online anytime. Speak with one of our friendly customer service consultants to help you get started with a new design. Take advantage of our special offers and free shipping.

Allow your imagination to run wild and free and you will be sure to create something that will never be forgotten.

Charms Explained

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