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Animal Charms

Horse Charm (chr-2770)-335As a cat owner, I personally know the joy an animal can bring to a person’s life. Even the hardest of hearts can be melted by the rolling purr of a kitten or the overzealous bounce of a new puppy. There’s a pet for every type of person. Maybe you’re the more leisurely sort; a goldfish is generally pretty easy to take care of and provides a soothing effect while watching them swim, their tails gracefully flipping from side to side. For those with a taste for the exotic, a tarantula or snake may be just the companion you need.

Our furry (and scaly) friends depend on us as much as we depend on them. It can be hard work taking care of them, but they hold a special place in our hearts and minds. For pet owners, it’s difficult to imagine life before ownership. The padding of paws running through the house seems built in to our daily lives. Honestly, where would we be without that happy face to greet us when we come home from work or school? Although not everyone needs the fulfilment of owning a pet, those who do treasure every moment they have with their animal buddy.

For this reason, we’ve created an entire section of animal charms to capture the energy and heart-warming love that these creatures bestow upon us. We’ve also included several animals that, though they can’t be pets, are favourites of animal-lovers everywhere.


Cat (movable) Charm (chr-2159)-335Cat Charm Naturally, this one had to be first. This cat charm will have you thinking of your precious fur baby every time you look at it. Crafted in splendid gold or silver, the shining image of your favourite feline friend evokes that warm sense of hearth and home that makes living there so special. Although your cat might not think of the charm as anything more special than a new dangly toy, your friends and family will see just how much you love your little fur-ball!

Corgi Dog Charm There’s something inherently charming about the Corgi. Perhaps it’s the small stump-like legs that have to work extra hard when they run. Maybe it’s the glistening eyes and triangular ears that stick straight up when they stare at you with that cute face they always have. Whatever it is, this Corgi charm encases these qualities in fine gold or silver for you to add to your charm bracelet. Check out our other dog charms for a variety of breeds that suit your fancy.

Dragon Charm Did you think we’d leave mythical animals out? Of course not! The power and majesty of a dragon can barely be contained in this exquisitely-crafted charm. This particular type of dragon is the one most commonly seen in English and Norse folklore and on coats of arms. With his wings spread wide and fire belching from his mouth, this sparkling gold or silver dragon is perfect for Lord of the Rings fans or avid followers of ancient legend.

Teddy Bear Charm Didn’t we all have a favourite teddy bear or stuffed animal when we were younger? Some still do. This iconic staple of a child’s younger years was originally named after President Theodore Roosevelt and based on a political cartoon, of all things. It has since become an essential for children’s bedrooms and toy boxes that is both cuddly and sweet.

Wise Owl Charm The owl has always been a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, even since ancient times. It has often been depicted as the animal representation of the Roman goddess Minerva who was known for her wisdom and strength. Although not suited as pets, despite what the Harry Potter books may say, they are still incredibly interesting creatures with nocturnal hunting skills that can’t be beat. When you hear the soft “hoot” of an owl outside your window, give this charm a jingle to show your appreciation for this amazing animal.

Our collection of animal charms is one of the most extensive that we have with over 20 pages to choose from. There are charms featuring anything from mythical creatures like unicorns to exotic animals from the Outback or the Serengeti, as well as household pets and wildlife. Avid animal-lovers will appreciate the valuable memories they’ll get when they add this charm to their own collection. You can check out more options by visiting our gallery.




Animal Charms

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