Sunday, 8 November 2015

Men"s Gold Chains

9ct Round Curb Chain (HM-CUR-0009)-480When selecting a gold chain for the man in your life it is important to choose a chain that is masculine.

A number of styles seem to be more popular with men, figaro and curb chains are generally the most widely worn. The curb chain features links of all the same length that lie on the same plane. This is achieved by grasping the link at each end and twisting it 90 degrees. When all links are shaped like this they create a gold chain that lays flat on a table, unlike a belcher chain where each link joins the next at right angles.

Curb chains have a few variations to the standard round link curb chain. For the finer chains the top and bottom surfaces can be diamond cut. This leaves both faces with a flat surface and rounded edges to better reflect the light. A further variation is a bevelled curb chain. This is a diamond cut curb with more diamond cutting to the edges of the chain, giving a bevelled shape to the edge of the chain.

Bevelling is normally not suited to the finer chains and usually is applied to chains that are at least 3mm wide. It creates extra facets, so the chain will have 6 or 8 flat surfaces depending on the type of bevelling applied.

Figaro chains are very similar to curb chains and can also be diamond cut and/or bevelled. The links in a figaro chain are the same design as curb links, but made up of two different lengths. The most common styles are repeating patterns of one long link and one short link to create a ‘figaro 11’ style and one long link followed by three short links to create a ‘figaro 13’ style chain. Other combination of long and short links are produced but these tend to be finer styles and favoured more by the ladies.

Men’s gold chains for necklaces should normally be around 5mm or wider and for bracelets 7mm or wider. A finer chain for a man’s necklace may be suitable when it carries a pendant but the two should compliment each other in proportion.

Men"s Gold Chains

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