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How to create a charm bracelet

cbchains-335People are always looking for a way to carry precious memories with them in order to share them with others. Mobile phones are packed with more family photos than the actual album sitting at home, and joyful faces smile on as they scroll through. Every picture tells a story, but data doesn’t last forever, and it’s not something you traditionally pass down to your children or grandchildren. Those who inherit want something tangible with meaning packed into every fibre, nook and cranny.

Charm bracelets fulfil this need with a treasure that can be passed from generation to generation. They may seem old-fashioned in such a technological age, but charm bracelets are making a big comeback as a popular heirloom. Assembling your own charm bracelet is an easy and fun way to cherish life experiences with a single figurine or landmark dangling from your wrist in pristine gold or silver.

How do I get started?

Before you can add charms to your charm bracelet, you need to actually have a bracelet. From there you can add all the charms you like. As long as they fit, that is. There are certain chains that are ideal for charm bracelets that make adding charms easier. Before you decide on the chain, you’ll need to measure your wrist to see what length you’ll need.

Use a measuring tape and wrap it snugly around your wrist until the 0 touches the unrolled tape. Once you’ve got the exact measurement of your wrist, add approximately 2-3 centimetres to that measurement to ensure the bracelet will fit. You don’t want it so tight that you cut off circulation, but you also need to think about the bracelet slipping off if it’s too big. For those who want a looser-fitting bracelet without it falling off, a couple centimetres added to the length won’t do any harm.

Chain types that are ideal for charm bracelets include Belcher, Long Curb and Cable chains because of the open style of links. Chains such as regular Curb chains or chains with tightly knit or alternating links aren’t suited for attaching charms, so it’s best to avoid them when assembling your perfect charm bracelet.

2 Wombat Charm (chr-1706)-335How do I choose charms?

It’s entirely up to you which charms you want to place on your charm bracelet, but most people choose charms that have a significant meaning to them. Memories that they have of a particular place or travel destination can be adequately captured with charms of monuments or symbols related to a particular country. A vacation in New Zealand could very well call for a Kiwi bird charm. A visit to London may make you want to add a touch of the British Isles to your bracelet.

There are many different categories for charms on our site, anything from religious charms to work charms to travel charms. Each has a special meaning to the beholder, so it’s hard to go wrong when choosing your charms. The only problem you’ll face will be narrowing down which ones you want They won’t all fit on your charm bracelet! Having a common theme with your charms or getting charms solely for big events such as a wedding or birthday will help you limit your charms to a wearable number.

How do I put the charms on the bracelet?

When ordering a new bracelet on our site, any charms that you order with it will be soldered on. If you prefer to fit the charms on yourself, link locks can be sent with your charm bracelet so that you can fasten them on at home. When adding new charms to an already existent bracelet, have the jeweller solder them on so they won’t fall or break off of the bracelet. Should you need a charm removed to make room for a different one, the jeweller can also provide this service.

Another option we offer is how far apart the spacing will be between charms. Though it may seem second nature to ask for evenly-spaced charm bracelets, some people prefer to add charms from one end to the other throughout the life of the wearer. Some may find it more comfortable to wear one way or the other. It all comes down to personal preference. If the bracelet is a gift for someone, it may be necessary to ask them their preference before ordering.

Choosing a clasp for the bracelet is an important part of the process as well. The usual parrot clasp may be difficult to fasten one-handed, but we do offer heart padlocks in place of one. If you’re buying a charm bracelet for a child, a parrot clasp is most likely out of the question. Children don’t yet have the dexterity for one-handed fastening. Unless you have a child that’s unusually talented, it’s best to go with the heart padlock. Your current charm bracelet that you’ll be gifting to your child, should it have a parrot clasp or other hard-to-open fastening device, can have a different clasp attached if necessary.

2 Dummy Charm (chr-1776)-335Why should I buy a charm bracelet?

There are many reasons to create a charm bracelet, one of which is a lifetime of memories. Generational gifting has a special meaning that doesn’t only appear in photos. Charm bracelets can be symbols of a family tradition or bond between family members. The love that is felt between romantic partners can be summed up in the charms placed on a Christmas or anniversary charm bracelet. The possibilities of meaning are endless.

A charm bracelet is both an attractive jewellery piece and a story all wrapped into one. Make sure the quality you choose for the bracelet is one that will last a lifetime. Chain Me Up offers charm bracelets in a variety of gold types, including yellow, white and rose gold, as well as sterling and tarnish-resistant silver. Gift packaging is also available to add an extra touch of finesse and sentiment. You or your loved one will be able to treasure your charm bracelet for many generations to come.

Should you need any assistance in assembling your charm bracelet, our customer representatives are always here to help. You can call our help number at (07) 5590 7108 or contact us via Skype or email. We also offer a callback service where you can leave your name and number, and we’ll return your call as soon as possible. We thank you for choosing our services.












How to create a charm bracelet

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