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Work Charms

Handcuffs Charm (chr-2314)-335

The world is filled with talented individuals who fill our lives with joy with the work they do. The happy, smiling faces of the baristas at the coffee shop or the calm demeanour of the nurses who take care of us all make our lives better. Isn’t it time to appreciate these superstars with a charm made just for them?

Work charms are a great way to show someone you appreciate what they do for you and everyone else. Those long shifts don’t pull themselves, after all. Volunteers devote hours of their week to helping people out without expecting payment, whether it’s feeding the hungry or caring for abused and abandoned animals. Even those with hobbies contribute great things to society. Gardeners, seamstresses and painters brighten city streets and town halls, sometimes not even bothering to take credit for their work.

We’ve made work charms especially for these people, these hard workers that give so much of themselves to their career and their interests without a second thought for themselves. Our collection has a little something for everyone. All charms are made from the highest quality silver or gold and will add just the amount of sparkle you want to your jewellery collection. You’ll be proud to show your support for your favourite working woman or man. Here are just a few of our favourite work charms:

Handcuffs Charm No, these aren’t for representing the noble career of a criminal. These handcuffs represent the bravest among us who risk their lives every day just by putting on a badge. Being a policeman is a tough job, one that few have the grit to do. With the recent wave of violence between police and protesters, it’s easy to see why few pass the entrance tests to become one of the Men in Blue. You can show your support for these upstanding men and women by adding this handcuffs charm to your bracelet. The next time you see a hard-working officer, buy him a cup of coffee. He’ll appreciate it.

Hammer Charm When you picture a tough line of work, some tend to conjure up the image of a Handyman. These fellows can be anyone from a plumber to a carpenter to an electrician. This hammer charm represents the blow after blow to nail heads, the twisting of screws, and the sore thumbs that come with the job of these fine men. Long days turn into long nights, and by the time these fellows get home, they’re exhausted. And yet, they get up in the morning time and time again to do it all over. The hammer charm is perfect for the handyman in your life or anyone who has a tool shed hobby.

Hammer Charm (chr-0915)-335Cash Register Charm – If you’ve ever worked in retail, you know how mentally exhausting it can be to deal with angry customers day in and day out. These brave knights put on their name tag each day and know that they’re going to get yelled at during their shift, but for what they don’t know. Retail workers do their very best each day to serve us and help us find the things we need, regardless of whether we are pleasant or in a bad mood. This cash register charm is for anyone who’s worked a part-time retail job to pay for school and staying up late to make ends meet. It’s a thankless job, but we would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts with this sparkling gold charm.

Stethoscope Charm – Where would we all be if there were no doctors? All of our bumps, bruises and more serious medical conditions would leave us to fend for ourselves. Luckily, we do have these medical professionals, and they are some of the hardest workers among us. Doctors can spend days being on-call at the hospital with little to no sleep, and yet they do their best to heal our ailments and comfort us when we’re sick. It’s hard to express or even realize how much they mean to us, but this stethoscope charm does it all. Your doctor will know its significant meaning when you wear it to your next doctor’s visit.

Whether you know someone in the workforce that makes you think of them when you see these charms or you spot one that fits your own profession, make sure you add it to your charm bracelet to always be mindful of the things they do for you. You can check out our entire collection of work charms here.






Work Charms

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